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Two Things

Heidi Shenk "Finn" "music"

Just two quick things for a Saturday morning read while you're being lazy in your yoga pants and drinking a coffee (at least that's what I'm doing).

One. I've probably asked this question before, but how in the world does Finn find this to be his favorite and most comfortable sleeping position? I am pretty sure that if I attempted such gymnastics I would need to head to the nearest chiropractor to get my back adjusted.
Thinking that he would eventually get tired of it, I come back 20 minutes later to find him in the same position. Only this time, he has such a contented look on his face. Weird cat.

Two. This amazingly awesome video is courtesy of a college friend of ours that had emailed me the link this week. I cannot take any credit for finding it, but it seemed completely necessary to share it. I present to you a history of rock and roll in 100 guitar riffs.

Whaaaaat? That's what I was thinking. Then I thought that clearly my guitar skills have been lacking lately as I might be able to remember how to play only seven of those. Good thing I have an entire wall full of these on which I can practice.

Clearly I've been putting them to good use lately.

Happy weekend my friends!

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