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Heidi Shenk

Today marks an important milestone for me in this business venture of mine. A year ago today, I was officially no longer a teacher and had taken on day one of running this paper goods business full time. Looking back on this past year is a bit surreal. While it has had its many challenges, it has also had many more successes, thanks in part to so many amazing people that have supported me through it all.

One of my big goals during this past year was to launch my own website. As the one year anniversary of my leap of faith neared, it seemed completely appropriate to launch the new site on that day. In addition to hosting my blog here, you may notice that the most exciting aspect of it all is that my shop is now in the same place! I will still have my shop open on Etsy, for those of you that may want to do your one stop handmade shopping there, but I am truly looking forward to growing my business in this new home.

Now that I am spending less time working on the website, I hope to soon be back to blogging with some recipes, small business tips, photography, new products, and perhaps some home DIY here and there. I encourage you to follow along as I would love to continue to build and engage with my handmade and blog community! You can follow along on Bloglovin' with the button below.

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As a celebration for the launch of this website, as well as my one year anniversary, I invite you all to use the code CELEBRATE20 here on the website shop to receive 20% off any purchase. The offer will be good for the next week, so be sure to take advantage of it if you've been wanting to stock up on cards or pencils!

Thank you to all of you for making this past year a memorable experience, and inspiring and motivating me to continue to create!

xo Heidi



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