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Heidi Shenk "summer"

There is not a whole lot for me to write about today, but what I do have to say is absolutely wonderful.  

Done with my fifth year of teaching. Done with students. Done with lesson planning. Done with grading papers. Done with stress. I finished packing up my room and did some last minute paper work today before getting the go ahead to leave school. So now I am officially done. Until the end of August at least. After the most difficult year I've had so far, it is hard to even explain how relieved I am that this school year is over.

So what will I do with all of my free time during the next two months?

Drink some iced coffee.
 Chillax and suntan on our new roof deck furniture and enjoy the views.
Drive out to The Badlands, Yellowstone, and The Grand Tetons.
Start a second summer of the Design a Day Challenge.

And there will be plenty of other things to add to the list. :) But for now, I'm just going to let it soak in that summer vacation is finally here.

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