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Call Off Your Dogs

Heidi Shenk music

It's hard to believe that it's already Friday. This week has flown by, and sooner than later, January will be over. I'm going to stick with my music theme on Friday because I'm always rocking out on Fridays, knowing that I have a little rest and relaxation ahead.

This week, I'm sharing a recent favorite of mine-- the latest single 'Call Off Your Dogs' from Lake Street Dive. Lake Street Dive is one of my favorite bands within the last few years. They offer a sultry, bluesy pop sound which almost hints at a motown vibe. It's hard not to start tapping your toe while listening or even stop yourself from dancing along. In fact, Lake Street Dive's last album Bad Self Portraits has become a popular kitchen dance party favorite in our house while cooking our dinner.

'Call Off Your Dogs' has a cruise-y beginning vibe leading into another great set of vocals from singer Rachel Price. The single leaves me anticipating their latest upcoming release, Side Pony, which will be out on February 19th.

What have you been listening to lately? Are you a fan of Lake Street Dive? We saw them live last year and had a blast.

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