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Camping at Rocky Gap State Park

Heidi Shenk "travel"

Summer is about being outdoors. We spent this past weekend camping at Rocky Gap State Park with some friends. We went to Rocky Gap last summer for Andrew's birthday. It is one of the most dog friendly state parks we have camped at, so when our friends recently adopted a dog, it was the first that came to mind.

Lilah was born a water dog, and at her first smell and sight of the water, she was ready to plunge in. Her new friend, Colton, was timid at first, but as he watched Lilah from the shore, he finally followed her lead. Suffice it to say, the weekend was a dog party.

Rocky Gap 8.jpg Rocky Gap 7.jpg Rocky Gap 9.jpg

The weather was gorgeous. After a morning swim, we hiked up a new trail amongst lush greenery and rocky paths. Our canine friends moved quickly ahead of us with agility in their steps. As we descended, a clearing gave way with an open creek bed.

Rocky Gap 5.jpg Rocky Gap 4.jpg Rocky Gap 1.jpg Rocky Gap 2.jpg Rocky Gap 3.jpg

And of course, the weekend was not complete without a few good campfires and meals. I even experimented with our Dutch oven, baking this scrumptious coffeecake over the fire. We ate eggs, baked penne, s'mores, garlic bread, roasted veggies, and delectable French toast with nutella, bananas, and coconut. We certainly did not go hungry.

Rocky Gap 10.jpg Rocky Gap 16.jpg Rocky Gap 14.jpg Rocky Gap 15.jpg

And as we prepared to tear down camp, Lilah and Colton were certainly tired pups. Their weekend, as well as ours, was complete.

Rocky Gap 11.jpg Rocky Gap 12.jpg

Have you been on any camping adventures this summer?

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