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Design a Day Challenge: Day 20

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Where has the day gone?! I can't quite believe that it is 9:15 and I am just writing this at the moment! Today was a very productive day, I must admit. I got back into my yoga routine, reorganized my entire work area, went through the shipment of paper and envelopes that I received today, began copy editing work for a friend that is self-publishing a novel, ran to the post office, and tried to finally buy a bike (more on that later). I made three new designs, made dinner, and watered the plants and flowers outside. Which of course, that meant a thunderstorm with heavy rain just had to roll through. That's how it always works!

So anyway, on to the design aspect of today. I went back to the basics. No printer again since the ink won't arrive until Wednesday. While reorganizing my paper stash, I found some great stuff to accompany my new envelopes. Today was all about cutting paper, which is how this all started anyway, and I love it!

I love the texture of this card. While there are unfinished bits in the design of this card, there are also neat and geometric circles. The two compliment each other well. And as a final addition, I included one of my new periwinkle envelopes-- the quality of this envelope is absolutely phenomenal!

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