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Design a Day Challenge: Day 21

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Day 21 has arrived. That means I am in the home stretch for my 30 day design fest! Not that I'm finding a shortage of creative inspiration. Today alone I've created another three designs as I prepare to ship a box of note cards off to my mom. She has an amazing bakery back home in Indiana and no matter how biased you may think I am, I still have yet to find bread as good as hers here in Baltimore. First of all, she uses a wood-fired oven that my dad built. Second of all, there is no bakery in Baltimore that I know of with a wood-fired oven. And third of all, her bread is just amazing.

Lucky for me, I was able to enjoy a slice of her wood-fired white sourdough today during my lunch. She had snuck a loaf of bread into her carry-on luggage for me when she and my dad visited over the 4th. So I popped the loaf into the freezer for safe keeping until my bread stash at that moment was depleted. And yum! How delicious it was!

Long story short, my mother also happens to let local artisans sell their items at her bakery. She had offered to let me do the same. So as I began preparing a box full of cards, I suddenly had all sorts of creative energy arrive. An now being ink-less at the moment doesn't seem as horrible as I had thought it had been! In fact, I am enjoying the paper cutting once again.

These one of a kind lovelies were made to go along with some wonderful meadow green envelopes that arrived in my paper shipment yesterday. You'll be sure to see more envelope colors in the coming days! And lucky for you, these aren't making their way to Indiana and are still available in my shop!

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