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This past weekend, we went shopping. We don't go shopping very often, but when we do, we go all out and get the big staples that we need for our wardrobes. The time had come for Andrew to give a good ol' boost to his wardrobe. He was in desperate need of pants for work. He had shrunk a pair of khakis and a few sweaters in the wash (go figure). In addition, his best dress pants had been ripped this summer in a horrific bike crash. He and friend had been biking home from work together when a woman opened her car door right in front of Andrew. He quickly had to swerve, crashing and causing his friend to crash as well, and ripped a huge hole in the knee of his pants in the process. Regardless, a shopping trip was in order.

This is how Andrew shops: 1) Go to Gap and Banana Republic. 2) Try on one pair of pants at each location. 3) Declare the shopping trip as a failure. 4) Out of frustration and a final hope, go to Nordstrom Rack and buy dress shirts instead even if they aren't really needed.

The good thing? Number 3 didn't happen this time. Pants were bought at Gap and Express (oooh, a new store instead of Banana Republic!) and they were happy purchases. The bad thing? Number 4 still happened due to not having shirts that matched the new pants and due to shrunken sweaters that needed to be replaced.

Off to Nordstrom Rack we went and dress shirts and sweaters were picked out. However, each and every one of them needed to be tried on. I waited for about twenty minutes before I gave up all hope and assumed that Andrew had fallen into the depths of the dressing room for the rest of eternity and headed over to the women's section. I wasn't supposed to do this. You see, I am supposed to be on a bit of a shopping hiatus. It may have to do with the fact that I like shoes too much.

Off I went anyway with the intention of looking at sweaters for myself. Key word "looking." As I got to the first rack of sweaters, I noticed a familiar looking coral and red striped article of clothing. No, it couldn't be. But it was!

via Free People
The $108 sweater that I posted about last week was sitting on that rack, calling my name, for only $50. I know that this shopping trip wasn't supposed to be about me and that I was only allowed to buy things I needed (plain long sleeved shirts to layer under sweaters and a pair of jeans), but I didn't care. I was buying that sweater, damn it. And apparently, Andrew must have had the best shopping experience of his entire life, because he happily walked over to me as I clung to my sweater and told me that it was not only ok that I got the sweater, but that I could get another new pair of shoes too. Talk about luck!

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