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Heidi Shenk

Sometimes you just need to write in order to feel better. I had every intention of writing one of those "Get out and vote!" posts this morning when something else came up. A stray dog arrived in our tree box. I am not sure where the dog came from other than the story from my neighbor that she wandered down the road before hopping into our tree box. Either way, she decided to hop into our tree box.

The dog, a beautiful boxer mix of some sort, curled up in the box as she shivered and shook. She was obviously very ill. My neighbor covered her with a blanket and brought her some food and water. I was unsure who to call, and finally, by way of twitter, was able to get in contact with a volunteer from BARCS, a local animal rescue. I sat on my stoop in my pajamas stroking the dog, just trying to make her more comfortable. She seemed to like that I was there and rested her head and closed her eyes when I pet her. She didn't seem to shake as much either. I sat there for nearly two hours waiting for animal control to arrive.

Animal control arrived and filled out transfer paperwork to take her to BARCS so that she could be treated. An hour after they had picked her up, they called me to let me know that she had tested positive for parvo and that she would have to be put down. This news broke my heart. How cruel that such a beautiful and young pup would have to suffer this way and meet this fate. I know that there was not anything that I could have done to prevent this outcome considering her condition, but I still can't help but be upset. The one thing that I do know, is that there was a reason that she hopped into our tree box this morning on election day when schools were closed and I had a day off from work. And the least I can say and be somewhat comforted by is to know that she was cared for in the last few hours of her life.

I know my post today is certainly not a happy one, but sometimes it just helps to write about things that make you sad. I promise that tomorrow I'll be back on a happier note. And as I had originally intended to tell you all-- get out and vote if you haven't already! I let my voice be heard and I hope you do too!

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