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New in the Shop | Weekly Calendar Notepad

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As I brainstormed to add new products to my line (yes, there are MORE new products eventually coming), I thought about how I wanted to make this year's calendar. In the past year, I've been fine-tuning my daily routine, and I'm finally at the point where I feel like I usually have my groove figured out. Part of that routine includes intense planning and preparation.

I use a rather dynamic daily planner to map out each and every day before I go to bed, but I was lacking a way to prepare for the full week ahead. I searched high and low for a printable that I could use on the fly in order to prep for the week, but couldn't find quite what I needed. I tend to chunk my week based on various larger focus areas-- design days, errand days, production days, accounting and paperwork days, etc. Then I block out time to complete daily tasks such as email, filling orders, or updating social media. After using a couple weekly printable planners that just weren't quite what I needed, I came up with my own design that could either accompany my daily planner or work on it's own for those who are less obsessive about planning and list making as I am.

This planning note pad has 50 sheets of offset printed paper. When the week has ended, you rip off the top sheet and start fresh. It has been printed on 8.5"x11" paper, so if you need to look back on the previous week (as I often do) you can hole punch it and pop into a binder for reference. There are lots of check boxes for tasks throughout the week, a space to jot down notes, and a weekend list. While working on the final design, I used a printed prototype of the calendar for several weeks, and it passed the test!

I've spoken on the blog before in this post about trying to outsource my products and just not feeling 100% happy with the work someone else did. However, for these notepad planners, I had to take that leap of faith. After gathering samples upon samples, I was able to settle with a printer here in the US that did an outstanding job. I'm impressed with the quality of the paper, the beautifully saturated colors, and outstanding print quality. The final product is something that I can truly feel proud of offering to you all.

The planner is now available both here on the website and in my Etsy shop. I have plans to launch other such products in the near future that will help you stay organized on a weekly basis, so stay tuned for that!

In addition, I'm currently working on a new card line that will soon be available. It's something that I've been having so much fun working on as it's been a bit of collaboration with my husband (maybe I can some day convince him to join me in my endeavors) and focuses on truly honest life moments with plenty of hilarity involved. You may have seen a peek or two over on Instagram if you're following me there.

What do you think of this year's calendar? Are you working on any new products or business endeavors? I'd love to see what you've all been up to!

P.S. Baltimore locals!! If you're in town this weekend, stop by HampdenFest on Saturday from 11-7. I'll be vending and I'd love to see you! :)

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