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Some Fun with Markers

Heidi Shenk "cards" "design"

When I was a kid I first got into art in the form of drawing. I loved drawing and still do. Many times my sister and I would receive brand new sketch books, colored pencils, markers, or something of the like from our parents for Christmas. This year was no different. When I opened a Christmas package my parents had sent me, my mom had picked out a fabulous set of markers with almost every color I'd possibly want. The markers were perfect timing to add to a set of Sharpies that I had recently purchased in attempt to try something new.

I'm not really one to stick with the same design style all of the time. In time that I have started my business, I've offered paper cut cards, digital designs of all sorts, combinations of digital design and paper cut, and digitally hand drawn images through my tablet. What I really wanted to offer were my own drawings as they are. So I've been working on some new Valentine's Day cards that will be made from my own free hand drawings with marker.

Here's a glimpse of the process so far.

I started with a small piece of drawing paper and began my design. As you can see, the last three are the finished master drawings. What do you think so far? I'll be posting the final cards once the rest of the process is finished!

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