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Copper and Gold Foil Stationery

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After introducing gold foil pressed cards into my shop several months ago, the creative wheels began to turn as I thought of all the beautiful foiled stationery that I could create. While the hot foil press seemed to be an easy shoo-in for foil stationery, it came with many limitations that began to irritate me. I could only press paper with letter type that was sized small enough for my press,...

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Modern and Geometric Note Cards

Heidi Shenk "cards" "design" "etsy shop" "stationery" "triangles"

If you're following me on Instagram or Facebook, then you'll already know just how obsessed I am with a new line of cards that I've been working on and slowly releasing in the shop. Inspired by a few conversations about geometric patterns with my friend Kristen, I decided to play with triangles in bold colors. This isn't the first time I've used this concept and you can see my first take on triangles and stationery here. But I wanted to try something that had even more of a pop. The result is a line of thank you and hello note cards in three different color schemes that will all soon be available in both single greeting cards and sets of four with accented solid colored cards. Each card has been paired with 100% recycled Speckletone Kraft envelopes from French Paper Co.-- my favorite! The quality of these cards as a whole does not get any better.

These cards are currently already in the shop with the rest to soon follow. I love how each color schemed turned out, and I continue to indecisively move from one to the other as my favorite. It is an amazing feeling to have something turn out just as you had envisioned in your head, and this is truly one of those types of projects.

What do you think of the new line? Are you obsessed with the current fad of bold colored and modern triangles like me?

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Pen and Paper

Heidi Shenk "cards" "design" "etsy shop"

Last week I finally had some time to sit down and just draw. I felt as though I hadn't been able to do that for years. I know that's an exaggeration, but I really hadn't had much time to do anything related to design. I sort of felt as though I was finally getting back to my roots. It was like I was that four year old girl again with a brand new set of markers she got for Christmas, getting busted by her mom at 4am after she was so excited to use them she decided to climb out of bed, turn the bedroom light on, and start drawing.

Never underestimate the exhilaration a stack of blank paper and a drawing pen can generate.

On the other hand, drawing is also relaxing. That pen and paper gave me a chance to forget about my school day and do something that had no rules. After being in an institutional environment for a long week, something about playing outside those bounds is freeing.

I took all of my doodles and used them for several new card designs. Here are the end results.

I love how the baby bump cards turned out-- super simple and fun! Which is your favorite?

In other news, I'm going to try blogging more regularly again. Jenni came up with these fantastic blog post ideas for the month of May that are quite inspiring. I may not be able to follow along for the whole month, but I'm going to try!

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Blogging Break and a Woot Woot!

Heidi Shenk "cards" "design" "urban outfitters"

If blogger was my first job description, I would suck at life. I took some advice Gina gave me to heart recently when I realized how tired I was. I cut out blogging. The reality of the situation is that I haven't stopped in the past several weeks. Last weekend was chaotic with little sleep as I took part in my first large craft show. This past weekend my best friend from college was in town not to mention about five million other things that were going on all in one weekend. Needless to say, something had to go. Blogging was the easiest thing to take out of the equation. I still will probably not be back here on my blog as regularly as I had been until the school year comes to a close.

This weekend I got to really see how all of my hard work paid off! Urban Outfitters finally listed my card on their website.

In addition, after taking in an Orioles game with friends on Sunday afternoon, we stopped in at the Urban Outfitters in the Inner Harbor and got to see the card in their store in person!
Definitely exciting! Also exciting? The taco print is now in the shop. Booya!
Also, for those of you that love this Mother's Day card,
but wished that it was a Father's Day card, your wish has come true.
You're welcome. Now, how have you all been? I feel as though I am out of the loop!

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Heidi Shenk "design" "fashion" "t shirts"

There are days when I love a really fabulously put together outfit (most days, in fact). But there are also days when I like to throw on a t-shirt and call it a day. I don't like to throw on any old t-shirt though-- it has to have a good graphic. For a while my go-to graphic tees were ones that I picked up at concerts. It just seems that a lot of the bands I like also have a great art department when it comes to their merchandise. Umphrey's McGee was practically my t-shirt supplier for a while and these are some of my favorites of theirs that are camping out in my closet.
My favorite one of all is MIA on the interwebs and is scuzzy enough at this point that I shouldn't model it for you, but it is a super soft gray shirt with a tour van driving down the road into the Rocky Mountains. If I could find a new version of this one, I would be the happiest girl in the world. (Attention to the rare t-shirt finding gods-- start doing your magic so that I can find one these!!) Most comfortable t-shirt ever. I do not lie.

John Butler Trio also has found some space in my closet with some pretty awesome tees. My favorite of all is this super soft dark grey tee. I would replace it if I could, but unfortunately it only comes in extra extra small right now (I didn't even know that was a size!).

Needless to say, I've been looking to add a few new t-shirts to my closet for that Saturday afternoon when you don't feel like wearing anything special. I ended up finding a few that I really like that might work as good replacements for the ones that have seen better days.

Maybe this JBT shirt will suit as a good replacement for my original one.

Love this tail feather tee from Blackbird Tees.

These five feathers printed on the side of a v-neck are fabulous! I love a good v-neck-- I'm a huge fan over the crew neck (v-necks are just way more flattering on me) and She-She seems to have mastered a great graphic tee.

Love the neutral tee and complimentary graphics on this organic shape collage tee from Crawlspace Studios.
And Uzura provides a great option with this long-sleeved feather tee.
What does your lazy Saturday wardrobe look like? Do you have any tees that you just can't rid of no matter how worn out they are? Or maybe I'm just the crazy one in that department. ;)

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